Monday, October 10, 2011

Potion Making How-To

First, making a potion can be very simple, as it can be very elaborate... I better like simple! Since not all of us has access to bonfire in the middle of a meadow or on a shore, I'll propose you something most of us has but seldom use; a chocolate fondue kit. You know the one you can put a tea light under? It makes reasonable size potion and you can safely brew you potion all day long with that. I opted for my big red cauldron in the picture, because.... It makes great pictures ;)

You'll need:
  • Cauldron/Fondu kit/ Pot-pourris Burner
  • Tea light
  • Glass stick, or twig, or wooden spoon (those are great since you can carve symbols into them!)
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Ideally Spring Water, but boiled tap water can do.
  • Herbs and Essential Oils

Herbs can be substituted by their essential oils, and vice versa. For herbs, you need to crush them hard enough to break them and free their essence, but turning them into dust isn't a necessity.

Previously take your water to boil. By the way, if you don't have any fondue kit, you can makey your potion on your conventional oven, you just have to watch it more closely when it brew. Pour it in your cauldron. At his point you can request help from the fire and water element. As a rule of thumb, have about 2 tablespoon of herb for a cup of water. Crush each of them into your mortar and sprinkle on the water. If you feel like strengthening your potion, you can say aloud the name of the herbs/oils you add and why you do so (ex: "Ginger for success", "Rosemary for memory", "Pine for ideas"...).

You can also say something like:

By the Fire and Water,
By the essence of (herb),
Make it as I wish!

When all your herbs and oils are in, let them soak while your think of your goal. Concentrate on it, and when you feel like it's the time, take your stick and stir 3 times; counter-clockwise for banishing potions, clockwise for others. You can also say aloud your goal.

You can also say a more complex incantation, like this one:

By Water and Fire, By the Air and the Earth,
May the hidden powers come to help,
And grant me my wish.
(Ain't it harm none) It is my will, so mote it be!

The potion we made in yesterday was:

Calming Potion

Lavender (+ 5 oil drops)
St. John's Worth

Hope you all enjoyed! It is very fun to do and it leaves your house smelling good, so I hope you'll try this at home. It can be a really fun thing to do with the kids (Mariann couldn't stop throwing chamomile until there was no more...). Or just by yourself... It is a very relaxing activity, and if time allows you, you can meditate on it afterwards.