Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mabon Craft - Shrines!!

I am supposed to be posting pictures from Yule to Mabon, but it just doesn't seem right to post stockings and holly right now especially after RippledWater's lovely tribute to the season. So I decided to look for more appropriate crafts and found the WWP swap from September 2009 - it was a tribute to shrines! I hope these pictures will bring back memories for some of you.

Tribute to Bridget from EdelC to DanniQuee
Shrines are excellent pagan craft as they allow for the expression of gratitude toward a particular season, god, goddess, animal, totem, or any other personal entity - whatever inspires you!

Start with a center piece - something that represents what you are paying tribute to. While this may be the focus of your shrine, it does not have to be the literal center location. Asymetry can add character and interest. You can gather items from your yard to accent your focal point. Be creative!

Mother Earth, Father Sky from DanniQuee to EdelC

Small items such as altoid tins or matchboxes make great vessles for shrines, but don't be afraid to think beyond the box. Non-traditional shapes and materials make intriguing shrines that make an impression!

Green Man Shrine from ellemir to Phizzychick

Above all have fun. Celebrate yourself and your tribute of choice. Let the inspiration flow. Don't worry about it being perfect, glue can be unstuck.

Happy crafting for a happy harvest!

Tribute to Beauty phnxreign99 to altered mommy


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  2. lol...I love the post Abbeeroad. The formatting can be a little wonky but I don't think any of us will hold it against you. Don't get frustrated.

  3. It's a great post! Don't worry too much about the formatting, that will come with time.

  4. Abbee, this was a wonderful post! Your formatting is definitely better than I could ever do - so thank you for battling against those technology gremlins to bring us this lovely post filled with inspiration.

    Now I want to try my hand at a shrine or three! :)

  5. Great post Abbee! No worries about the formatting, I still haven't figured it out either. lol. Don't let this be your last!!!! And I agree with Starchild. I'm feeling the shrine inspiration as well. ;)

  6. blogspot gets a bit crazy at times. Mine wouldn't let mac users comment for a while. sometimes it lets you select and change font on line centering- othertimes, it ignores you. The blog still looks great and now I have an urge to make a shrine! I love the ones you showed, because they can be tucked away or hidden if need be. I have very little altar space- so a shrine is like another space for me.

  7. That post is awesome, Abbeeroad!

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