Friday, February 10, 2012


I tend to want to learn all the crafts there is. When I see something I would like to have (buy) I always ask myself first if I could make it myself. So far I know how to sew, knit, crochet, pottery, embroidery, make candles and randomly use mixed media and up-cycle things. It's a big part of who I am and what I do; I'm crafty. Afterwards, I have the reward of using it and be proud of myself for making a useful/pretty thing.

When it comes to Witchcraft, there's no exception. The good intentions and energies you put into making something will last forever (or is easily renewed!). The object and its purpose are glorified; it makes them even more powerful. There's something so good about knowing every step of making something, knowing every components and technique used. So make your own altar cloths, make you own candles and incenses; find second-hands stuff and edit them to be your very own. Don't be scared to draw and paint on your tools; favourite animals, favourite runes, phrases and words. Carve symbols on your candles if you can't make them from scratch. It probably won't be perfect, but sometime (most of the time) imperfect is 10 times better.