Saturday, February 23, 2013

H is for Hearth

From the first proper homes we, as humans, lived in the center of the home became the hearth. In early homes this was the main source of heat for the home, as well as the primary way of cooking food. A truly important thing. Because of this there were many magical uses and many gods and goddesses dedicated to hearths. 
In most modern homes the hearth is mostly for decoration, or a secondary heat source, but it can still serve a magical function. Many people use their hearth, and mantlepiece as family altars, or decorate them for the various holidays. The hearth can still be the heart of the home. 

Goddesses of the hearth: 
Agnayi - Indic
Arani - Hindu
Aspelenie - Lithuania
Brigid - Celtic
Chantico - Aztec
Fuchi or Huchi - Japan
Fuji/ Fujiyama - Japan
Hestia/ Vesta - Greek

A Hearth Goddess Spell 
* from Cottage Witchery - Natural Magick for the Hearth and Home by Ellen Dugan
To invoke the benevolence of the hearth goddesses and invite these deities into your home, try this candle spell. Even if you do not have a fireplace , you can still re-create a miniature hearth. Find a safe, flat surface to set up on and make your own magickal hearth area. Feel free to work this charm at any time throughout the year: at sunrise, the full moon, a new crescent moon, or at one of the major Sabbats. When you light this candle and say these words, you are calling in the goddesses to protect and watch over you. Basically you are welcoming these ladies into your life. See what sort of stability, warmth, and enchantment they bring to your days. 
Gather these supplies: 
     One red pillar candle
     A candleholder or small plate
     Nine white, small, smooth stones
     A Pinch of salt
     A lighter or matches

Arrange the nine white stones around a red pillar candle and its holder. Dust the stones with a pinch of salt to consecrate them. Take a moment to visualize your miniature hearth. See it glowing with warmth, magick, and hospitality. Light the candle and repeat the following charm three times: 
      Goddess of the home and the sacred hearth flame, 
      Brigid, Hestia, and Vesta, I call your names, 
      A candle for fire, a ring of stones becomes your, 
      Bless us with warmth and security from this Witch's art. 
Close the spell:
       By all the powers of the earth and fire, 
       This spell is sealed by my will and desire. 
Allow the candle to burn for a few hours. When you are finished, snuff the candle and relight it whenever you feel the need to the goddesses of the hearth and home. 

My mantle last Ostara. 



  1. As humans, we're naturally attracted to fire. You can see this in pubs and restaurants with artificial fireplaces - even though you know those aren't real flames, it still hard not to be drawn to sit beside it! Among Northern people, the spirit of the home is often believed to live in the hearth or in the chimney, so the hearth is where offerings of food or drink are left for the "house fairies". And of course even in the supposedly secular modern world we do the same for our most famous hearth spirit - Santa Claus.

  2. Love your mantel from last year! That is the one thing I truly miss in this house, no fireplace! Instead I got an outdoor fire pit.