Saturday, January 28, 2012


I can't stress enough how books are an important part of my life. When I finally realized all the knowledge I could acquire from devouring books, it was a blessing. I was never rushed to read by my mother, nor she told me how important it was to read, but I guess that often seeing her with a book in her hand, should it be a novel or a reference book, was enough to set the example.

And references books had to be her favorite kind, and she would always look for those about history of art... It was while browsing a book sale in the middle of a mall (her favorite kind of book shopping!) that I found my very first book about witchcraft, pictured above. A very poorly made book, with very little content... But I was 11, and this was about Witchcraft! SO cool, I thought, and asked my mom to buy it, which she did without really looking. I remember reading it from cover to cover in the car on our way home, which took about 20 minutes (told you there was not a lot of stuff in it...) But it changed everything! From now on I started seeking for witchcraft and wiccan books at the library and bookstores. Found books about runes, herbs, crystals... Oh, the possibilities!

I read on everything I could get my hand on, and became very serious about it. Eventually I read books that went way deeper into the craft then the (so beloved) first book I bought. Without books, I might have never stumble on all that knowledge. It's most likely that I would have never met an initiated Witch so early in my life, and with books I acknowledged that what I felt deep inside was also true for some peoples, should they live far away.

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