Monday, January 21, 2013


Déesse means Goddess, in French. It's the name I use when I think of what's holy and whole in this world.

The Goddess is in everything. She's everything.
 She is the light in the sky, and the blackness surrunding them as well.

She breathes with the trees, and walk every steps we take.
With us.
Within us.

She is the connexion with everything that is.
Every spiders I avoid to crash with my feet.
Every golden leaf I humbly appreciate.
Every nut that could have become a tree, 
but instead feeds me, and my growing belly.

The lightest laugh and the most painful tear.
That urge to live, 
Every second.

That spinning, overwelming sensation
When you close your eyes
And feel.

Feel that everything you do has an impact on another living
That every choice you make
Leads you to your next choice.

That certainty that you'll end up right where you were meant to.
And realize
That the path is not yet at its end.

The Goddess is in every crossroads.


  1. Andréann, that is truly beautiful! What a wonderful post.

  2. Wow! That was beautiful and incredibly moving. Thank you for sharing <3