Monday, January 28, 2013

Esbats: the power of the Moon


"Cold Moon" by Mandykaye

A gathering or ritual by pagans, witches, and/or wiccans to celebrate the moon.

 I have always found the moon magickal and enchanting! As a child, I would wish upon the stars and dance under the moon until my mother would call me in. There are many ways to celebrate the moon in its many phases. I am a solitary pagan/witch, so I usually do a modest and quiet ceremony when I am able.
  You can use the moon for divination, cleansing, dream magick and goddess magick. These are just a few examples. I usually stick with the colors white and silver. The stones/crystals associated with the moon are quartz, moonstone, pearl, sapphire and selenite. The different phases of the moon dictate what spell work is favorable. Monday is ruled by the moon as well.
  The waxing moon is the best time to perform magick regarding fertility, love, protection, and prosperity. (This is the time from the new moon to the full moon). The waning moon (full moon to new moon) is best for banishing spells such as breaking bad habits, releasing negative energy, or breaking curses or hexes. The new moon (invisible moon) is a good time for cleansing and reflection. And the full moon is for any moon magick! There are rituals in which you can invoke the power of the goddess that is represented by the moon.
  While most Esbats are celebrated on the full moon, the type of magick you want to perform may best be done on a different night. I personally use the power of the full moon for cleansing my crystals. Others use the power of the full moon to make a type of "holy water". 
  Here is a link to charts with the phases of the moon  by NASA.
  Whatever your path may be, there is no doubt the beauty of the moon is powerful! However you celebrate this power, be sure it is from your heart and soul. Magick is personal so if you find a spell you like, change it to suit you. As long as your intent is pure, it will be so. You can find many good spells and rituals from books such as Wicca:A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham. For groups, Wicca For Life  by Raymond Buckland, is a good choice for detailed rituals. There are also some rituals for Esbats in Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura. For more of a cottage witch approach, Ellen Dugan has some good books.

Goddess Moon by mave
Field of pure moonlight
Blessed by silver light
Trees and plants of green
glow with spirits might
Nature’s creatures raise their
voices in song
To their mistress high in the sky
Goddess Moon riding through the night
Bless us with your cleansing light
Let not fail our spirits
Guide us through rough times
Teach us your lessons
Goddess moon give us strength
Goddess moon give us wisdom
Blessed Be!


  1. I can't take credit for the poem! I found it fitting for the post so I added it and posted a link!

  2. Love the painting! Thanks for a great post :)